Dog Training In Chennai

Looking for a dog trainer in Chennai? You have landed on the right place.


We are a group of talented trainers who teach how to tackle the potential challenges of being a dog parent in a city like Chennai.


We offer personalized home training plan for you and your dog to help your dog reach the full potential. The training plan is designed such that even the youngest member in your family can train your dog with ease. 


Our basic plan includes 10 training sessions spanned across 4-6 weeks. 


What will your Dog learn?

Sit, Down, Stay, Come When Called

Your dog should know how to behave in varying situations. They won’t know it by default. We should teach them what to do and what not to do. Sit, down, stay and come will be your lifesaver commands.


Leash Manners

Dogs pull leash because they walk faster than humans. On top of that, dogs are more interested in sniffing and exploring stuff around them. To avoid pulling we need to teach them to walk at our speed and control their investigative behavior. If you take your dog out for walking( ideally you should be), leash training is a must.


Potty Training

Dog parents go crazy when their dog do a potty inside the house. You can’t blame your dog if they don’t know what they are not supposed to do. Potty training should be done from day 1. You don’t have to wait for a dog trainer. But if you have trouble, we will help you out.


Impulse Control

Impulse control means self-control. Dogs get excited very easily. We need to train them to remain calm in those exciting situations. Impulse control training will help your dog to remain calm when it really needs something.


And that’s not it. Every dog is different. We make the plan based on your dog and your preferences. 


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Our Clients Just Love Us


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I hired Joe from Indian Dog Parents to train my Labrador. I can say he is the best in Chennai. I have tried a lot of other trainers as well. Most of them train by punishing the dog. But Joe loved my dog as one of his own. I referred Joe to my other friends who was in need of a trainer.


I can't believe how much my dog has changed after the training. The trainer not only did the basic obedience sessions but also gave additional tips based on my dog's behavior. Now I am planning to get one more dog and get it trained by IDP

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