Holi the festival of color is around and you will be all excited to start the festivities. For some of you, this might be the first celebration with your dog. You would have already planned colorful Instagram stories as well. But before you go further with your plans, read this guide and learn how to celebrate a pet-friendly Holi.

Dogs are not comfortable with the way humans celebrate. Ninety percent of the things we use during fests are harmful to them. We should know where to draw the line while celebrating with our furballs.

A major cause of worry during Holi is the colors we use. The colors may not be harmful to humans, but it is dangerous to dogs.

These colors contain toxic elements like lead which is poisonous if consumed. Unlike humans, animals lick their body to clean themselves. If a dog consumes color powder, it will affect their internal organs which in turn can lead to death.

Synthetic colors also contain Potassium Permanganate. If exposed on the skin, it will cause skin allergies and itchiness. While throwing colors, dogs might even inhale the powder which can lead to breathing problems and irritations.  

If it gets into the eyes, it will cause blindness as well.

So the first thing you have to do is, keep colors away from dogs.

The second thing that you need to keep away is sweets. In India, the festival means a variety of sweets. It at this time of the year we try not to count our calorie intake. But as you know sugar is not good for dogs. And for Holi, it is not different.

Like humans, dog’s taste buds enjoy sugar and can get addicted to it as well. But sugar intake will disturb the micro-organisms present in the gut and cause stomach upset and diarrhea.

Sugar consumption will also lead to obesity and diabetes. 

So if you want to enjoy a stress-free Holi, you will have to get prepared with few things.

1.  Try not to get the dog in contact with colors.  By any chance dog gets color on its body, try to wash it off as soon as possible. Do not use any chemicals or kerosene to remove the color. Use only dog shampoos.

2. If your dog vomits or shows uneasiness, rush them to the nearest veterinary hospital. 

3. Do not give sweets to dogs. Please warn your friends and relatives as well to avoid accidental feeding.

4. Keep kids away from the dog. Kids might throw colors on the dog out of excitement.

5. Spread the word that synthetic colors are not pet-friendly and not to use it on stray animals

6. During the festival, plan your dog’s potty breaks well in advance. Do not create a situation to take them out while the celebration is going on.

7. Your dog might try to get involved in the celebrations. Avoid the situation by distracting them with their favorite toys or treats.

It’s fun to celebrate Holi. But please consider the innocent pets and stray animals as well.

Wish you a happy Holi !!