Diwali is one of the most exciting festivals in India. Lights, new clothes, sweets, and of course crackers. But it is a nightmare for dog parents.

Crackers are dogs’ biggest enemy.

Unlike humans, dogs are sensitive to even the slightest sound. Dogs’ ears are controlled by 18 muscles which helps them to tilt and turn to improve the reception of sound. Hence when there is a loud noise, dogs will hear it 10 times louder, which makes them uncomfortable. They get anxious and tensed.

Since we don’t have much to control others from bursting crackers, here are a few tips to save our pets from the Diwali shock.

1. Take your pet for a long walk and make him tired before the Diwali celebrations begin. A tired dog is a happy and less anxious dog. It helps him to be relaxed and to ignore unwanted stuffs. Also, don’t forget to feed him fully.

2. Do not leave him outdoor or chained inside your house. Let him be free inside your house so that he can choose a comfortable spot himself.

3. Shut all the windows and draw curtains fully. This will minimize the outdoor noise and flashes peeping into your house.

4. Use blankets and cushions on the floor to reduce vibrations. Dogs are sensitive even to the slightest vibrations. Cushions and blankets will reduce it.

5. Do not try to be over caring. Dogs can sense your behavioral change. This can trigger more anxiety. Behave as usual so that your dog feels everything is normal.

6. Increase your in-house noise. Sound from TV or music system will cut down the outdoor noise. This will help your pet to stay calm to an extent.

7. Distract your pet before he gets anxious. Playing with him or giving treats will help your pet to ignore the background noise and focus on you. But this should be a precautionary measure rather than a reactionary one. If the dog is already in an uneasy state, there is little chance that the dog will engage with you for playing.

8. Always keep your dog hydrated. During the fire cracking time, your dog might not eat or drink. So to ensure that he doesn’t get dehydrated, give him a lot of water.

9. Cover his ears with cotton balls. This will reduce the strength of the outdoor sound. Make sure the cotton ball is big enough so that it won’t go deep inside and will be easy to take out later.

10. Keep all the doors locked. When your pet is scared, he will run around to avoid the noise. If your door is open he might even run out of your home. To avoid this situation, keep all your doors and windows locked. As a precaution, have an identification tag on your dog so that if anyone finds your dog on the streets, they can get in touch with you.

11. Never let your dog sniff or eat random things on the street for two weeks after Diwali night. There will be cracker leftovers on the road which are highly poisonous. Please take extra care while going for a walk.

When things are not in our control, we need to take extra measures to keep our dogs happy. Of course, its the time to celebrate, but please make sure that our pets also enjoy it with us. Ensure a safe and happy Diwali for your dogs.

PS: Please do not share Diwali sweets with your dog. Maybe you can buy him a special dog treat 😛

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